Day Seven – Break the Drought

He said of Tropical Cyclone Stan, ‘it was bitter sweet, even though destruction was imminent, rain was too.’

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Chilli Chocolate activity – please join in …

A six year old in Scotland saw 16 pictures of the daily view from the same window – how marvellous to have completely missed the chocolate theme! The faith in that innocent interpretation is endearing, grounded and sustainable, as opposed to the consumerism that birthed the original   gourmet chocolate theme.

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Blue Chocolate – are we done yet?

Is this finished?  I’ve hung it up to dry, but every time I walk past I get the urge to tinker some more. It’s hard to stop fiddling, which is possibly habit over intuition – if I have some paint left over from something else, I find myself wondering, ‘will this go with Blue Chocolate?’ Being oil paint, it’s so easy to wipe away if it doesn’t work, so I whack it on, stand back and decide. Then I wipe it off, usually.

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