A six year old in Scotland saw 16 pictures of the daily view from the same window – how marvellous to have completely missed the chocolate theme! The faith in that innocent interpretation is endearing, grounded and sustainable, as opposed to the consumerism that birthed the original   gourmet chocolate theme.

The window idea is about emotion – everyday is different and everyone is different – but we’re here all together. It somehow gives permission to feel different, to be different, to change and be accepted – heck, Mother Nature has no problem with this.

And it’s with Mother Nature in mind that I ask you to join me in naming each window. Using the template below, pick a window and let me know what and why you’ve named it – some results so far:

Day 1 –  ‘This is Fire and Ice, this is the Game of Thrones! The whole painting shows the varied struggles of Westeros and Essos – Winter is coming …’  UK

Day 8 –  The fabric of life woven in liquid colour,  ‘I’m a textile artist and spotted this immediately’   USA

Day 15 – Bushfires in South Australia, ‘breaks my heart to see my landscape burn’  AUSTRALIA


See KendreArt’s facebook page for more comments and to add your own if you’d prefer.

Naming this painting Chilli Chocolate, placed it directly on the KendreArt chocolate product line, right next to Blue Chocolate.  My consumerism took over by creating a marketing line from my own art, and I did it without a second thought. The fingers in my mind are already uncovering and disposing (thoughtfully) of the purple wrapper encasing Chilli Chocolate, peeling off the shiny foil and setting aside the idea as food for further thought. How refreshing to look at it from a different point of view – I need to talk to six year olds more often.




5 responses to “Chilli Chocolate activity – please join in …”

  1. is there a larger image of this somewhere?

  2. Day 16 is like a microcosm, day 10 storm waves

  3. Comment from FaceBook – ‘I love a sunburnt country, a land of sweeping plains’, Dorothea MacKellar seems appropriate to me for any one of these lovely squares.
    (These lines come from the second verse in her poem about Australia called ‘My Country’)

  4. Comment in person, AUSTRALIA: Day 7 is ‘rain in Queensland, the drought will be broken’.

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