Unusual weather events inspired every entry for the naming of this painting — global warming is rightly a hot topic ☺.

Thirteen squares left to name, it’s not too late to add your interpretation to the list.

Click to see the full painting, Chilli Chocolate.

One response to “Day Three – Blizzard in Spring”

  1. Caroline Nelson Avatar

    We’ve been chatting over here again in scotland.
    Day four – a moorland autumn wind.
    Day five – graves of the innocents. Blood red lands with pure blue crosses, how many unnecessary wars kill those who cannot avoid them?
    Day six – I see an angry eye over a landscape. Son no. 1 sees New York!
    Day nine – A beautiful cherry blossom blooming after snow. Son no. 1 saw fire.
    Day fourteen – Reminds me of a Turner landscape painting but looks like Glasgow. Son no. 1 saw a planet….then added Krypton.
    Day fifteen – Sunset over somewhere ethereal. Although also of Edinburgh Castle in flames.
    Son no. 1 also saw a castle.

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