Day Four – King Arthur’s Berth Pool

'Berth Pool' near Baschurch, where the real 'Excalibur' may have been cast ©2015 Kendrea Rhodes

Day four depicts ‘King Arthur’s Berth Pool’ in Baschurch, England. However,  Bodmin Moor and Cornwall often come to mind when thinking of Excalibur and King Arthur. According to authors, Graham Phillips and Martin Keatman (King Arthur the True Story), the Berth Pool near Baschurch is where the ‘real’ Excalibur was cast. True or not, having visited the Berth Pool, with its voracious winds, eerie stillness surrounded by rushes and reeds, it was decided as an apt name-sake to suit the legend.

This portion of the painting immediately brought back a flood of memories for the inspired Aussie who suggested this, having not thought about the place for over 20 years.

Other ideas included winds, moorlands, autumn and the centre of the Earth – all worthy runners-up.

Click to see the full painting, Chilli Chocolate.

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