Day Five – Reflections of Innocence

Day Five - Reflections of Innocence ©2015 Kendrea Rhodes

‘Reflections of Innocence’ is an amalgamation of two suggestions; the first (from Scotland) – Graves of Innocents, blood red lands with pure blue crosses depicting  wars killing those who cannot avoid them; and the second (from Australia) – Autumn lake reflections in the Mt. Lofty Botanical Gardens. These ideas have the ability to disable each other. If the innocents in war could only see the reflections in that South Australian lake, they’d avoid an early grave, and if we think of them, especially the children, as we enjoy a day in the gardens, someone might be moved to action. AND if war came to Australian shores, the reflections in that lake would mean something entirely different. Are we grateful enough?

Click to see the full painting, Chilli Chocolate.


  1. Sabiscuit says:

    Kendrea, this is beautiful. The name is also wonderful. I also appreciated the reflection and your creative direction with this work.

    1. kendreart says:

      Thank you, if art can entertain and improve us, then we are onto something good.

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