Weaving is one of the oldest surviving crafts in the world, and even before textiles were discovered, branches and reeds were used to make fences and baskets. Weaving today, is a task for all – some use words, relationships, appointments, schedules, art, digital media, textiles (still!), chemicals, food and more – a recipe is woven effort and nutrients resulting in satisfaction and survival.

Weaving is synergy.

This painting was named by an Australian writer who weaves words and an American artists who spins and weaves felt and wool. The beauty exists in the similarity of their suggestion, both see weaving as a daily occurrence.

The painting depicts two very different, almost contrasting substances, in some woven form – akin to our lives, with very different elements that we weave together, to survive and thrive.

Click to see the full painting, Chilli Chocolate.

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