How was it done?

The How~To of specific artistic pieces. Includes oil paint, water colours, pastel and charcoal. And mishaps and mistakes.

  • Canvas Repairs

    Canvas Repairs

    The Skateboard and Canvas Incident: this painting was destined for an exhibition in 2018. And it nearly made it, if not for the undeniable rip right through the centre.

  • The Mill at Night

    The Mill at Night

    This painting is a view of Building 21, Lobethal Woollen Mill. The aesthetics of the Mill’s nineteenth century buildings change with the time of day, the weather and my own mood.

  • The Mill at Noon

    The Mill at Noon

    It’s the midday light in this panoramic fisheye view of Building 21 that emphasizes the architectural beauty and vivid colours of the Lobethal Woollen Mill buildings.

  • Building 16 – Lobethal Woollen Mill

    Building 16 – Lobethal Woollen Mill

    It has always been about the people and the community – that’s what makes it a welcoming home.

  • How to paint a Harley in 9 steps

    How to paint a Harley in 9 steps

    Harley Davidson Super Glide (2006 FXD) ©2017 Kendrea Rhodes All Rights Reserved

  • Happy Accidents – painting becomes drawing

    Happy Accidents – painting becomes drawing

    Not all accidents are bad, this one was almost comical as I carefully selected my water colour paints that would create the 70s stripes. My mentor, Anne, saved me with only seconds to spare — you see, I’d drawn the picture underneath the stripes in a watercolour pencil.

  • The question of stopping

    The question of stopping

    Archibald Prize entry of Dr John Wamsley, 2005

  • Abandoned original artwork

    Abandoned original artwork

    Making many copies of my own artwork provided freedom—I found myself taking risks because I wasn’t worried about losing the original drawing.

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