The Mill at Night

Lobethal Woollen Mill

The Lobethal Woollen Mill is an inspirational collection of heritage buildings, melding into the social history of the township. Each building changes with the time of day, the weather and my own mood. The Mill By Night – Building 21 is the view that I adore weekly as our close-knit art group finishes after an evening immersed in artistic endeavour.

Historic events occur daily and the painting of The Mill At Night saved my sanity as I sat through Meghan and Harry’s televised wedding. I knew that I should watch the Royal Wedding because it’s, um history, but I also knew that it might also put me to sleep. I needed a secondary activity to get through the hours of history unfolding before my eyes.

A limited palette of Umton’s oil paints were prepared. My space near the fire, a canvas, palette knife and glass of wine surrounded me and guarded against my old friend, Mr. I Giveup. On this very cold winter’s night in Australia, I was envious of the blue sky and sunshine at Windsor Castle.

I began slapping paint on the canvas amidst speculation about Meghan’s dress. She was wearing white and I was painting Raw Umber on the night sky.

The clumsy palette knife technique provided complete creative freedom and I reveled in it. Cadmium Red Light and Helio Gen Middle Yellow provided the majority of the warm hues of the building and I laughed when told that the walls were Harry’s hair colour. And of course there’s some zinc and titanium white sparkling in the lamp-light like the crown jewels.

I have much to thank the Royal family for; a moment in history and the painting of a beloved historic icon. Let’s hope the marriage, the Mill and my memories last forever.


Where is it?

The Mill at Night was exhibited at The Connected Thread exhibition throughout the SALA festival from 3 – 26 August 2018.

This painting and The Mill at Noon were purchased by the Adelaide Hills Council to add to their community collection and both now hang in the offices of Fabrik Arts + Heritage, Adelaide Hills.

“The Connected Thread” exhibition aimed to explore the idea of fibre and textiles in contemporary and experimental art practice. This was the twelfth exhibition managed and curated by the HART group (Hills Art Advocates) at the State Heritage listed Lobethal Woollen Mill in Adelaide Hills, South Australia.

Kendrea has also painted the Mill at Noon (below)  click here to find out more.

The Mill at Noon ©2018 Kendrea Rhodes

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  1. This is a truly lovely piece, well done!

  2. Thank you – it was an absolute delight to paint, one of those moments when you feel like you’re channeling magic!

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