Happy Accidents – painting becomes drawing

Happy Accident - in the process of doing a water colour painting of my grandfather, a chalk pastel drawing appears instead. Original Art by Kendrea Rhodes.

Not all accidents are bad, this one was almost comical as I carefully selected my water colour paints that would create the 70s stripes. My mentor, Anne, saved me with only seconds to spare — you see, I’d drawn the picture underneath the stripes in a watercolour pencil.

Thank goodness I had someone watching over my shoulder, otherwise this understated rendition of my grandfather would have dissolved into the muddy world of liquid obscurity.

Anne suggested I use chalk pastels to colour the lines instead of watercolour — liquid to be avoided from this point onward. The result is so much softer than expected and for once appears better in real life than in my head.  A very happy accident.

Many thanks to that lurking black watercolour pencil and my marvelous mentor — without you both, this picture would be very different.


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