It has always been about the people and the community – that’s what makes it a welcoming home.

Lobethal (Onkaparinga) Woollen Mill

This alley is a regular view for our weekly art group who gather in the building next door. To me this painting epitomizes the theme of Adelaide Hills’ Stories. The Lobethal Woollen Mill has been at the heart of arts and heritage in my life over the past ten years and has always been about the people and the community. That’s what makes home in the Adelaide Hills.

The Lobethal Woollen Mill (previously the Onkaparinga Woollen Mill) operated between 1870 and 1993, providing social, industrial and architectural history spanning two centuries. Today we are adding to that history in a new century, as the Mill houses many thriving new enterprises, museum collections and artifacts, community groups (karate, yoga, art, textiles) and a wonderful exhibition/meeting area in Building 20.

Building 16 – Lobethal Woollen Mill. Oil on Linen painted for the Adelaide Hills Council’s 20th Anniversary Art Exhibition: Adelaide Hills’ Stories. 2017.

Painterly Lessons Learned

Building 16 is an oil painting on linen. I love both of these elements: linen because of the roughish texture and absorbancy, and oil paints due to the rich colours and grace in drying times (to change your mind).  If I’m honest, choosing these two elements was a lesson reinforced.

It was at the drawing stage that I learned, and will probably have to re-learn in the future, the frustrations of a vanishing point that is off the canvas. The vanishing point seems like a simple concept but, as enticing as the name is, you must not become complacent; the point does vanish.

The vanishing point seems like a simple concept …

For this painting, it moved around, was forgotten and remembered, disappeared and reappeared.  However, it is the most vital part of the painting and the reason why the picture works. I knew that one slip off the linear would be disastrous, so I chased that elusive vanishing point, heedless of its descriptive aspect.

Looking back, I realise the clue was in the name and perhaps I created undue pressure in my attempts to capture it.

Colour Palette

Umpton Pizzouli Earth
Umpton Burnt Sienna
Umpton Burnt Umber
Umpton Yellow Ochre
Umpton Pthalo Blue
Art Spectrum Titanium White
Umpton Cadmium Red Deep
Umpton Cadmium Red Light
Windsor and Newton Liquin Medium

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