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Kendrea Rhodes Mill Studies

Place Matters.

The Lobethal Woollen Mill is an inspirational collection of heritage buildings melding into the social history of the township. Each building changes with the time of day, the weather and my own interpretations, nurturing makers and creators since 1869, when the Onkaparinga Blanket was first made.

My obsession with this place has resulted in more than 100 studies in various forms and has enlarged the minutiae of structure and diminished the grandiosity of scale. And I’m still going with the big and small of it all.

In this current series of small studies I’m working on Mill Study 13, but looking forward to hitting the 20s. Pictured here are three from this series exhibited at Fabrik Arts & Heritage in Lobethal for SALA 2019 as part of their SWATCH exhibition.

Mill Study 6 — Kendrea Rhodes

Studying ‘place’ throughout time aids belonging and furthers the understanding of the assumptions that drench us. It feeds a love of culture, architectural design, artistic expression and mostly, the people of that time.

Mill Study 8 — Kendrea Rhodes

This industrial landscape is a view that I adore weekly after an evening immersed in creativity and art with my close-knit art group.

Mill Study 9 — Kendrea Rhodes

These three paintings are original oils on wood and they now reside in a new home — a home where place matters.

More Woollen Mill paintings by Kendrea: The Mill At Noon, The Mill At Night and Building 16.

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