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Kendrea Rhodes is a visual artist and writer living in South Australia. Her articles, photography and artwork have appeared in local, national and international publications; and her original art has been exhibited since 1999. She is driven by a unique family history story based in Victoria and is currently exploring the historical fiction genre in short story format as a means to present it.

The stories on this website use words & images, fiction & fact, pixels & paint. Please join us on this digital encounter to discover the art of story telling and story listening: read KendreArt’s latest posts or visit KendreArt’s Gallery.

Artist Statement:

Stories are how we remember

Stories are flexible. They are told, expressed, seen, heard, drawn, painted, imagined, experienced, felt, embellished, retold, remembered, and misremembered. We consume our stories in so many different ways and no one way works for everyone.

Our everyday lives are a multitude of anecdotes, most of which rely on a shared memory, story or conditioning. The cooperative living in our society is an agreement to these community stories and as a result, there’s more trust and acceptance in our world than we realize.

We trust the bus driver to drive safely. We trust the bakery not to poison our lunch. We trust the fire fighter, policeman or ambulance to answer our call. And we trust that tomorrow will come.

We retell, celebrate and learn from history, and we believe in rules for the greater good. We trust that others do too. And we trust our truth.

But we must continue to share stories, even if they’re different, because humankind’s survival depends on remembering them. Please listen to your neighbour, your family, your annoying old auntie, your demanding young cousin. And don’t forget the taxi driver, the hairdresser, the butcher, the beggar, the child, the system, and the planet. Be active and present in your listening because, when engaged, you might hear something astounding: someone else’s voice.

~you will remember a good story for longer~

Heal Chicago diptych, Oil paint on canvas paper by Kendrea Rhodes
Heal Chicago diptych ©2017 Kendrea Rhodes

An enemy is a person whose story we have not heard.

By unknown, repeated often.

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