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Kendrea Rhodes is a visual artist and writer living in South Australia. Her articles, photography and artwork have appeared in local, state, national and international publications.

Kendrea has exhibited her original art since 1999 and is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Creative Arts Honours (Creative Writing) at Flinders University, South Australia. Hybrid methodologies, such as fictocriticism and autotheory, drive her thesis through the quagmires of family history research and literary criticism, resulting in creative work spanning disparate genres and narrative modes.

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Self Portrait: Eye am I.

Identity Dilemma. Eye am I. Self Portrait, Kendrea Rhodes original mixed media art. KendreArt.com
Identity dilemma: am I what I see, what I think, what I do, what I think I see, think, do? Am I what you see, what you? Which eye?
Observation changes everything.

KendreArt Logo

KendreArt logo. Oil on canvas, exhibited 'Out of the Blue' Exhibition, Lobethal Mill, 2007.  Original art by Kendrea Rhodes.  Portrait of Nicole Kidman.
KendreArt logo. Oil on canvas, exhibited ‘Out of the Blue’ Exhibition, Lobethal Mill, 2007. Original art by Kendrea Rhodes. Portrait of Nicole Kidman.

Stories are how we remember

Stories everywhere, interest subjective.


to something astounding.

Someone else’s voice.


Stories are flexible. They are told, expressed, seen, heard, drawn, read, dreamed, painted, imagined, experienced, embellished, retold, remembered, misremembered and consumed.

The cooperative living in Australian society is an agreement to community stories/collective memories and as a result, there’s more trust and acceptance in my entitled world than I thought (I trust public transport, food safety, paint to dry, other drivers on the road, oh and that help is just a phone call away).

Stories are retold, celebrated, used, and apparently learned from history, all while following the rules of the system we live in. But bending rules, changing what’s seen, and sharing different stories from new voices is as human as submission and suppression. I choose to bend, share and learn.

Having a choice is a privilege.

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 a  l l   w o r k   i s   s u b j e c t   t o   c o p y r i g h t
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