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Kendrea Rhodes is a visual artist, writer and researcher living in South Australia. Her articles, photography and artwork have appeared in local, state, national and international publications.

Kendrea is currently undertaking doctoral research at Flinders University into the history and narratives of the Ballarat Asylum. Using an interdisciplinary approach through fields of Mad Studies, history, life-writing, visual art and creative writing, she will explore how creative practice methodologies might influence social perceptions of madness.

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Stories are how we remember

Stories are flexible, ubiquitous, human. The cooperative living in Australian society is an agreement to community stories and collective memories.

Stories are retold, celebrated, used. Written. Seen. All while following the rules of the system we live in. But bending rules, changing exposure, adapting, and sharing stories from new voices is as human as suppression and submission. I choose to bend, share and listen. Having a choice is a privilege.

Self Portrait

Identity Dilemma. Eye am I. Self Portrait, Kendrea Rhodes original mixed media art. KendreArt.com
Eye am I
[observation changes everything]

KendreArt Logo

KendreArt logo. Oil on canvas, exhibited 'Out of the Blue' Exhibition, Lobethal Mill, 2007.  Original art by Kendrea Rhodes.  Portrait of Nicole Kidman.
Oil on canvas by Kendrea Rhodes, portrait of Nicole Kidman. Exhibited in ‘Out of the Blue,’ Lobethal Mill, 2007.

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