2020 Art Journal

Events of 2020 embedded into artistic interpretations @kendreart

2020 Art Journal ▲video ▼images

I started recording a few historic events; stuff about bushfires, environmental and human rights protests, an unknown outbreak in China, unrest in Hong Kong, and the worldwide political prancing and prating. But even as I wrote, I didn’t think …

… that 2020 would become a euphemism for catastrophic events (that underestimation was so 2020).

January 2020

Varying artistic representations of Covid-19 continue to saturate the world’s media today, and as I watched in horror and fascination at the start of 2020 … my art journal was born. Each time I created a new Covid-19 image, I thought surely this will be the last one.

Sadly, 2020 kept delivering and it looks as if the calendar has not saved us in 2021.

2020 posts:

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