2020 Art Journal

Artistic interpretations, embedded into events copied from my daily diary @kendreart

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In January 2020, a few historic events were written into my daily diary. Stuff about bushfires, protests, an unknown outbreak in China, unrest in Hong Kong, and the worldwide political prancing and prating. But even as I wrote, I didn’t think that 2020 would become a euphemism for catastrophic events (that underestimation was so 2020).

Varying artistic representations of Covid-19 continue to saturate the world’s media today, and as I watched in horror and fascination at the start of 2020 … my art journal was born. Each time I created a new Covid-19 image, I thought surely this will be the last one.

Sadly, 2020 kept delivering. And it looks as if the calendar has not saved us—2021 has already presented a slew of unforgettable moments.

Sadly, 2020 kept delivering.

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