Remnant Regrowth

South Australia may be COVID-19 free, for now, but we are not pain free. Memories of bushfires still haunt many and efforts of recovery still weigh heavily.

The Mill at Noon

It’s the midday light in this panoramic fisheye view of Building 21 that emphasizes the architectural beauty and vivid colours of the Lobethal Woollen Mill buildings.

Listening to silent women

Hear Me is dedicated to the anonymous women who cannot speak out about sexual harassment—inspired by TIME Magazine’s Person of The Year: the ‘Silence Breakers’.

80 year old X-rays found – part 2

More than 200 X-rays were found while cleaning out the roof-space of a 1930s purpose-built doctor’s residence in the Adelaide Hills.

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80 year old X-rays found – part 1

While gathering these stories and seeking legal permissions, I decided to paint two ‘X-ray style’ oil paintings on canvas for the Adelaide Hills Council’s 20th Anniversary Art Exhibition.

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Inspiration – Vineyard Dawn, Adelaide Hills

A local dawn vineyard image caught my eye on Instagram and I thought ‘I might paint that one day’, so I screenshot it and forgot it … until, short notice artistic inspiration was required for an upcoming SALA exhibition. Over-zealous-zooming of the original screen shot removed important details like place, date and photographer, but I…

The question of stopping

  Each stage of this painting was photographed and at its first exhibition those photographs were also on display. Two questions were asked repeatedly, ‘why didn’t you stop then?’ & ‘why did you stop then?’ The answer being the same for both, ‘it’s hard to know when to stop, but when you’re on a deadline,…