Kendrea rides, writes and paints motorbikes. Many passions fused into one: shiny side up ☼

  • How to paint a Harley in 9 steps

    How to paint a Harley in 9 steps

    Harley Davidson Super Glide (2006 FXD) ©2017 Kendrea Rhodes All Rights Reserved

  • Paint what you see – show don’t tell

    Paint what you see – show don’t tell

    As a painter, the phrase ‘paint what you see, not what you think you see’ binds and cuffs my wrists until I ask ‘what do I think I see?’ As a writer the phrase ‘show don’t tell’ gags the creative  synapses until binary thought is shattered and realization dawns.

  • Motorcycle Magazine

    Biker Ally was an American women’s motorcycling magazine that is sadly out of print now. As the Australian Correspondent, Kendrea photographed and interviewed Australian motorcycling legends including a 40-year-old hitchhiking plum-pudding, nudist motorcyclists protesting invisibility and the Top End’s Billy and Trish, taking the long-way-round the world. Click on the images below to read and/or…

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