The Cudlee Creek Bushfire tore through the Adelaide Hills on Friday 20 December, 2019. It changed everything.

  • Inklings


    Inklings of Place discusses weather, wildfire, and home. Inklings is an original watercolour by Kendrea Rhodes for SALA 2022.

  • Firefighter’s delight?

    Firefighter’s delight?

    Is the word ‘delight’ inappropriate artistic whimsy? This post discusses the artwork Firefighter’s Delight, its naming, the Cudlee Creek bushfire, memory, and stories.

  • Painting Place, Prodding Past

    The two year anniversary of the Cudlee Creek bushfire looms. How many ways can you paint place? Can you be connected because you have painted it, thought about it, lived near it?

  • Remnant Regrowth

    Remnant Regrowth

    South Australia may be COVID-19 free, for now, but we are not pain free. Memories of bushfires still haunt many and efforts of recovery still weigh heavily.

  • Home: place and space

    Home: place and space

    In December 2019 our home was the most dangerous place to be, by March 2020 it was the safest.

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