Kendrea’s original prose, blogging and artwork ◙ follows themes of bushfires, art, covid, family history, motorbikes and stories. Includes images and videos.

  • The Asylum Gene

    The Asylum Gene

    The Asylum Gene, a 2023 SALA exhibition on madness by Kendrea Rhodes.

  • SALA 2023

    The Asylum Gene A mixed media exhibition by Kendrea Rhodes charcoal, pencil, ink, watercolour, digital art, photography, oil paint What is madness? How can creative practices affect social perceptions of insanity? Can personal stories of madness affect social change in our culture? The Asylum Gene SALA 2023 exhibition is a study in the influence of…

  • Blog

  • Inklings


    Inklings of Place discusses weather, wildfire, and home. Inklings is an original watercolour by Kendrea Rhodes for SALA 2022.

  • Happy, Healthy & Here

    Happy, Healthy & Here

    “Happy, Healthy & Here” is part of Kendrea Rhodes’ SALA 2022 online exhibition, focusing on Place in Art and art in place.

  • Streetscape


    Streetscape is part of Kendrea Rhodes’ SALA 2022 exhibition. The exhibition focuses on the value of Art in the analysis of Place.

  • Mindful Mill

    Mindful Mill

    “Mindful Mill” is on exhibition during SALA 2022. In this exhibition, Kendrea Rhodes focuses on the value of Art in the analysis of Place.

  • Creative Emerging

    Creative Emerging

    A creative emerging. Floating like music, mist and memory from the fog of 2020 and 2021. Lobethal Woollen Mill study #20, “Emerging”.

  • Firefighter’s delight?

    Firefighter’s delight?

    Is the word ‘delight’ inappropriate artistic whimsy? This post discusses the artwork Firefighter’s Delight, its naming, the Cudlee Creek bushfire, memory, and stories.

  • Waves of History: sense of place

    Waves of History: sense of place

    Historical records for the Lobethal Woollen Mill site begin around 1850, however, the area was a gathering place for the Peramangk peoples way before “history” began. “Waves of History” is a nod to a sense of place and community gathering that is counted in thousands and thousands of years, not hundreds. This post discusses another…

  • Painting Place, Prodding Past

    The two year anniversary of the Cudlee Creek bushfire looms. How many ways can you paint place? Can you be connected because you have painted it, thought about it, lived near it?

  • Word Power—Mind The Gap

    Word Power—Mind The Gap

    At first we see peril, then we see the bridge. ‘Mind The Gap’ by kenrea Rhodes. First published in the Empire Times, Vol 47, Issue 1.

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