Happy, Healthy & Here

Happy Healthy & Here


This painting was the first creative emergence from the clouds of 2020 and 2021. The colour choices (viridian, cyan, plum and lemon) are deliberately joyful and summerish. *Full disclosure: this painting painted itself—I just threatened it intermittently with a brush and a brazen comment or two.

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SALA 2022 Exhibition

Art, Place & Space

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Places Please

Kendrea Rhodes’ SALA 2022 exhibition comes to you online from an Adelaide Hills kitchen. This exhibition focuses on the analysis of place through art via themes of memory, emotions, disruption, community and connections. It’s about space, place, and people. It’s about living in the Adelaide Hills, in all the transitory places called home: real and unreal, digital, abstract and philosophical.

Artworks are framed and for sale for the duration of SALA throughout August. SALA is the South Australian Living Artist Festival, meaning artists are alive and painting; if you are in the Adelaide Hills, and would like to see this exhibition in person, please click the contact link below.

(Please note, digital artwork and representations may differ from original artworks. Digital art can be printed and purchased upon request)

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Streetscape: Valley of Praise1

Centuries of footfall pile up in my mind as I quick march to the hairdresser. I’m running late as usual. I look down at my fast-moving feet on the footpath; this path has changed over the centuries. Likely before that too as a well travelled track along the valley floor in times way before gravel, bitumen, concrete and bricks.

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Mindful Mill

Mindful Mill

Mind Haunts

Images and voices saturate the Mindful Mill as twenty years of memories seep from my mind and splatter onto the paper in front of me. Stories spanning 170 years rendezvous effortlessly with impulsive strokes of watercolour, ink and rich-pigment chalk pastel.

Welcome to another Lobethal Woollen Mill artwork. This time, however, instead of calling it a ‘study’ I’m calling it a liquidation. The paper is a receptacle for liquefied memories; for the downloading of an obsession with place.

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SALA 2022 Exhibition

Kendrea Rhodes’ SALA 2022 exhibition comes to you online from an Adelaide Hills kitchen. This exhibition focuses on alternative methods of studying place and community through art praxis, focusing on themes of place, memory, emotions history, representation, and art sociology.

Various images are framed and for sale during the SALA 2022 Festival. Digital images are not 100% representative of physical artwork. They are distinct artworks in themselves and can be printed for purchase upon request.

If you are in the Adelaide Hills during August and would like to see the paintings in person, please contact KendreArt here.

**Exhibition button will be live from 1 August for the beginning of the South Australian Living Artists 2022 Festival

SALA 2022 Kendrea Rhodes KendreArt.com
Digital poster for 25th anniversary of SALA (South Australian Living Artists Festival) ©2022 Kendrea Rhodes all rights reserved

Creative Emerging


“Emerging” is Lobethal Woollen Mill study (number 20) in mixed media on wood, 400mm²—painted and exhibited during SALA 2021. The painting represents creativity and the awakening of the community from the dream-like state of 2020, 2021. It also portrays my personal experience of re-emergence into everyday activities beyond the walls of my home. Beyond FaceTime, Zoom and Netflix, and into familiar (some might say old-fashioned) social connections and activities. This is my creative emerging.

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Firefighter’s delight?

Firefighter’s Delight

Firefighter’s Delight developed over a long period of contemplation on the dynamics of natural relationships and how to write about them. Specifically on bushfire, human endeavour and luck after the Cudlee Creek bushfires in 2019.

The painting below is a reminder of perpetual change—unintentionally embodied in its naming irresolution (luck? Y/N). The crimson haze of Firefighter’s Delight represents the pink retardant dropped near the Lobethal Woollen Mill from the Boeing 737 water-bomber aircraft. While the crazed texture portrays the turbulence of wildfire and the diverse reactions of flora, fauna, and humankind.

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SALA 2021 Exhibition

SALA 2021 was a bit different for me, with happenstance making an appearance and rearranging the mindful space reserved for planning. The only constants were the paintings, their purpose and theory of place.

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My 2021 SALA venues fell through due to COVID restrictions and lockdowns, so the only thing for it was lateral thinking. That led me to my humble, adaptable, accommodating, ready-made exhibition spaces: this website and my family kitchen.

Trepidation followed. Was I ready to show the world the inner hub of the family; the place where ideas, homework, art, nutrition, arguments, education, connections, conversation, laughter, card games, and life happens? Was I ready to practice theory of place at my place?

SALA 2021 coming to you from the kitchen.

Well, yes.

So visitors were invited to view and discuss the artwork, on my website space and in person, at my place.

For those visiting my kitchen in person, the realities of physically being somewhere (after COVID lockdowns took away access to many places), resulted in delight. It was a place where place was the real and abstract topic of conversation. Something to do with a multitude of connections and cups of tea—indulgence in creative vittles.

Hospitality at the heart of art.

I was ready for that.

Artwork Labels


South Australian Living Artists Festival

Place Theory