SALA 2021 Exhibition

SALA 2021 was a bit different for me, with happenstance making an appearance and rearranging the mindful space reserved for planning. The only constants were the paintings, their purpose and theory of place.

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My 2021 SALA venues fell through due to COVID restrictions and lockdowns, so the only thing for it was lateral thinking. That led me to my humble, adaptable, accommodating, ready-made exhibition spaces: this website and my family kitchen.

Trepidation followed. Was I ready to show the world the inner hub of the family; the place where ideas, homework, art, nutrition, arguments, education, connections, conversation, laughter, card games, and life happens? Was I ready to practice theory of place at my place?

SALA 2021 coming to you from the kitchen.

Well, yes.

So visitors were invited to view and discuss the artwork, on my website space and in person, at my place.

For those visiting my kitchen in person, the realities of physically being somewhere (after COVID lockdowns took away access to many places), resulted in delight. It was a place where place was the real and abstract topic of conversation. Something to do with a multitude of connections and cups of tea—indulgence in creative vittles.

Hospitality at the heart of art.

I was ready for that.

Artwork Labels


South Australian Living Artists Festival

Place Theory

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