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stories are how we remember

Stories are creative. They can be told, expressed, seen, heard, drawn, imagined, experienced, felt and above all, remembered. So many ways to enjoy a story and no one way is right for everyone.

Our everyday lives are a multitude of stories. The cooperative living in all human societies is an agreement to the community stories. There’s more trust, acceptance and belief out there than anyone realizes. We trust that the bus driver can drive, we trust that we won’t get poisoned by our lunch, we believe the rules of law and religion and we trust people to do their jobs. Now it’s time to share. Listen to the taxi driver, the hairdresser, the businessman, the butcher, the beggar, the child, the system, the planet and your neighbour. The survival of mankind DEPENDS on every story.

A good story will be remembered for longer.

The stories on this website use words and images, fiction & fact, pixels and paint. Please join us on this digital encounter to discover the art of story telling and story listening, visit the Art Gallery for pictorial stories, read KendreArt’s latest posts and make some comments about your own stories.

Biography in progress: Abandoned, a Forgotten Australian.  Uncovering the story of seven siblings under the age of 12,  left at Young and Jacksons Hotel in 1925 – what happened to them and why. We follow Charlie through the highs and lows of a seven year old in care, as a ward of the state of Victoria in the 1920s.

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