The Mill at Noon

The Mill at Noon ©2018 Kendrea Rhodes for SALA 2018

The Mill at Noon – Building 21

The Lobethal Woollen Mill is an inspirational collection of heritage buildings, melding into the social history of the township. Each building changes with the time of day, the weather and my own mood. The Mill At Noon – Building 21 is a panoramic, fisheye view in the middle of the day. The architectural beauty is emphasized by the time of day and vivid colours of the Mill buildings. This place has connected many people together via many threads; it’s serendipity. No, it’s providence.

How did you do it?

The Lobethal Woollen Mill has had a profound effect on the events in my life, providing  opportunities, skills, experiences and friends. The most special are the people who come together to share their joy in creativity. For years, as an art space, gallery and workshop, the Lobethal Woollen Mill has helped me grow as an artist. The sense of place is strong, but the sense of belonging is stronger. We come together as a community; we smile, laugh, cry, create, discuss and resolve.

Using oil paints from Umpton, Art Spectrum and Winsor and Newton on a palette knife, I began marking the canvas. The clumsy palette knife forced complete creative freedom through the knowledge that imperfection is in charge. The majority of paint application was with a palette knife, except for cardboard printing of the roof and a feathered brush to create the fisheye effect in the sky.

The Mill at Noon is an original framed oil painting on canvas depicting Building 21 at the Lobethal Woollen Mill, by Kendrea Rhodes for the South Australian Living Artists’ Festival.

Where can I see it?

The Mill at Noon will be exhibited at The Connected Thread exhibition throughout the SALA festival from 3 – 26 August. Open on weekends only, Building 20 at the Lobethal Woollen Mill.

“The Connected Thread” aims to explore the idea of fibre and textiles in contemporary and experimental art practice. This is the twelfth exhibition managed and curated by the Hills Art Advocates group (hART) at the State Heritage listed Lobethal Woollen Mill in Adelaide Hills, South Australia.


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