Blue Chocolate – a work in progress

Work in Progress - BLue Chocolate ©2015 Kendrea Rhodes all rights reserved
Work in Progress – Oil on canvas ©2015 Kendrea Rhodes Blue Chocolate

Oil on canvas, a commissioned painting near completion . It’s taken 6 months to build up the energy to begin, and now it’s just plain fun. Hard to know when to stop or to trust the fun factor to back down at the right moment in order for me to see the finish line.

  • Palette: UMPTON oil paints – Cerulean Blue, Pthalo Blue, Payne’s Grey, Raw Umber, Burnt Umber, Raw Sienna, Burnt Sienna, Titanium White, Pizzuoli Earth, Yellow Ochre
  • Underpainting: Burnt Umber
  • Materials: Calcium Carbonate, wax, Windsor & Newton Liquin medium, Low Odour Solvent,  masking tape
  • Techniques: knife painting, imprinting, brushwork, build-up, tonking, dry brush, wet on wet, impasto, masking

Any suggestions more than welcome.


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  1. Sabiscuit says:

    You don’t need suggestions, just applause. I get the blue chocolate idea. It looks yummy and full of movement and energy. I am glad you didn’t give up on the buildup towards this wonderful painting. I wish I’d thought of this myself. x

    1. kendreart says:

      Thanks for the support, your comment has cheered me on! I’ll post again soon at the next stage.

      1. Sabiscuit says:

        You’re welcome. Watching a painting materialise is fascinating. x

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