Hello world!

With a desire to share my work and hide it at the same time, I’m coming to you with trepidation. And I found help in the strangest place: this blog has begun itself using me as a conduit.

I’m a writer and artist. I like to see how things are created, built and broken down. How they work together and how they work apart; people, systems, language, machines, music, electronics, paint, patterns, nature and everything.

Art is expression and I really don’t mind the form, I just know if I like it or not. Same with wine. I find art in stories and emotions, in pictures and words, and in life.

In this blog I’ll start some art that won’t be finished, and some that’s bad (same with wine), and I’ll give up sometimes. I’m on a roller-coaster spraying colours and thoughts everywhere; I expect the empty seats at first but eventually the carriage will fill with like-minded artists and writers, sharing their world too ~

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